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The Trust Edge – Eugene Area

The Trust Edge – Eugene Area
Date(s) - 04/09/2019
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Eugene/Springfield Fire HQ, 1705 W Second Ave., Eugene, Oregon

Session Outline:

  • The Case for Trust:
    • Define Trust
    • The impact of trust–why a lack of trust is our biggest expense
  • 8-Pillar Trust Edge Framework
    • Clarity: How?How?How?™ Strategy
    • Compassion: S.P.A. Method for Appreciation
    • Character: Values Driven Decision-Making, Personal Mission Statement
    • Competency: Input = Output
    • Commitment: Building an Accountable Culture
    • Connection: Top 5 ways to build connection & the most magnetic trait (Trust Shield)
    • Contribution: The DMA Strategy for getting your most important things done every day
    • Consistency: It is the little things done consistently that make the biggest difference (Enders vs. Repeaters)
  • Wrap up: Bringing the pillars together and moving forward