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The Value of OFCA Membership 


Up-to-date Information

OFCA members get accurate and up-to-date information on issues affecting the Oregon Fire Service. The Oregon Fire Chiefs Association provides this information through this website, Facebook, Twitter, and Membership email-blasts. The information covers the activities of valuable committees, OR-OSHA, the legal and insurance sectors, United States Congress, the NFPA, and other Associations that interact with the OFCA. The OFCA President sends out monthly board meeting minutes and addresses membership concerns, ideas, and continuing education opportunities.



 The OFCA maintains determined participation in regulatory and legislative activities, not only providing feedback to the membership, but also testifying and lobbying on their behalf. OFCA formed the Legislative Committee which ensures the Association has one voice in Salem. And thanks to this committee, HB 2183 was defeated. This Bill would have stripped away the fire service’s ability to conduct plan reviews and inspections of health care facilities.

Professional Development and Continuing Education

The OFCA provides a variety of professional development and educational opportunities for all levels of fire service personnel. Throughout the year, members are offered free training opportunities to encourage continuing education and growth in the fire service.

During the winter, OFCA holds Roundtable sessions that focus on topics and issues specific to agency type. Current Roundtables are offered for Larger Career, Smaller Career, Volunteer, and Safety, Health, Wellness & Training, and following the successful Roundtable format, the Coastal Fire Chiefs held a Water Rescue Summit that attracted more than 50 attendees!

The OFCA holds a Chiefs conference, known as Spring Conference, where attendees hear presentations on current subjects by fire and management professionals from across the country. The Spring Conference is offered at a discounted rate for our members. Each March, the Northwest Leadership Seminar brings together public service leaders from across the Northwest, and provides presentations and training from the finest management development leaders in the country.


There is an abundance of knowledge, experience, and skill within the membership of the OFCA. By attending conferences and other functions and interacting with chief officers from all over Oregon, you will find that the solution to a problem may only be a handshake or a conversation away. The friendships you create will provide you with information and support when making difficult decision, but also solace when those decisions don’t produce the results you desire. When you join our membership, you will have access to staff as part of your support team. We can help you with most of your departamental needs, and if we don’t have the answers you need, we can put you in touch with someone who does.