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The Oregon Fire Chiefs Association strives to serve and unite the leaders of Oregon’s fire service by creating opportunities for engagement, education, and organization across departments and emergency service fields. The OFCA believes in advancing the Oregon fire service through positive leadership, active legislative involvement, and the sharing of information while upholding the highest ethical and professional standards.


The Oregon Fire Chiefs Association aims to be the primary resource and advocate for our Members, Board, and Oregon’s greater fire and emergency services at large.

Membership Values

As members of the Oregon Fire Chiefs Association, we uphold the following values and principles of conduct:

I will do what is right.

I will take responsibility for my actions and my role within the Association.

I will conduct myself in a competent manner that reflects positively on Fire, Rescue, and EMS.

I will efficiently and accurately process and provide information, resources, solutions, and direction.

I will build relationships both inside and outside Fire, Rescue, and EMS. I will work collaboratively, network, and share resources, experiences, and knowledge with others.

Diversity / Inclusiveness
I will embrace differences and foster an environment where everyone is welcome. I will provide opportunities and information equitably and purposefully engage diverse populations in the activities of the Association.

I will model and promote safety-driven Fire, Rescue, and EMS culture at all times.

I will stay informed of evolving events, issues, or challenges and work proactively to respond and develop solutions.

View / Download OFCA’s 2019 – 2022 Strategic Plan: